Tsavo East National Park "Echoes of a Forgotten Grandeur"

Tsavo East National Park: Overview

Located in southwest Kenya, Tsavo East National Park is one of the largest parks in the world at 13,747kmē. The inland park lies in between Nairobi and Mombasa with the park's main gate, Mtito Andei Gate, being 250km north of Mombasa and 233km south Kenya's capital, Nairobi City. The superb dust-red wildlife distribution coupled with the exquisite scenery of the palm-lined Galana River meandering over the 300km Yatta Plateau offers one of Africa's most provocative images.

Wildlife and Birds

Tsavo East National Park is Kenya's largest protected area. It is home to all the big game. The big five are all available with the dominating presence of the largest herds of the African elephant. All the members of the big cat family are also present but you will see the lion twice or thrice as any of the rest. Other rare wildlife species that are available in the park include gerenuk, lesser kudu, Hunter's hartebeest and the rare fringed-eared oryx among hundreds of other wildlife species. The park is also home to at least 500 recorded species of birds.

Attractions in Tsavo East National Park

A unique landscape including Aruba Dam, Mudanda Falls, River Galana and Lugard's Falls
Pristine and undisturbed wildlife habitat
Great wildlife viewing destination with all the important species available
A destination for birders
Aruba dam makes game viewing easier

Weather and Climate in Tsavo East National Park

Above the sea level, Tsavo East National Park rises 150m to 1,200m. Temperatures are generally warm and hot but will slightly vary as you climb up the altitude. The park is one of Africa's last biodiversity strongholds left.

Best Time To Visit Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East is a timeless tourist detonation, and you can visit all year round. However, livestock viewing is better during the dry season, when the roads are better and vegetation clearer. Again, thousands of animals converge at the Aruba Dam daily during the dry season and this provides a better opportunity to view the animals. The dry season is June-October and so many people visit the park.

How To Get There Tsavo East National Park

Depending on your plan and itinerary, you can drive to Tsavo East from Nairobi, Mombasa or any other reserve or park. Unfortunately, there are no scheduled flights from any of the major cities or towns to the park. However, you can charter a plane from anywhere around East Africa and safely land at Tsavo East.

Accommodation: Lodges, Camps and hotels in Tsavo East National Park

There is a range of accommodation options at the Tsavo East National Park where tourists can get booked for deluxe accommodation, tasty/healthy food and drinks as well as refreshing entertainment. They are Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, Voi Wildlife Lodge, Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Tsavo Lodge, Tsavo Safari Camp, Severing Safari Camp, Satao Tented Camp, Voi Safari Lodge, Ngulia Safari Lodge, Impala Safari Lodge, Lions Bluff Lodge, Kiboko Camp, Zomeni Lion Hill Camp, Manyatta Camp, Ngutuni Lodge Tsavo East, Sagala Lodge and Man Eaters Lodge. Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Voi Lutheran Guest House, Africa Lodges, Vacani Resort, Adonai Resort, The Joy Hotel, Lavender Garden Resort, Kitani Safari Lodge, Lake Jipe Safari Camp, Kulalu Camp and Daso Homes are also part of the endless list.

Malaria, Vaccinations and Safety while in Tsavo East National Park

As part of your clearance routine, certain vaccinations must be administered before you jet out to any foreign destination. If you are traveling to Kenya, antimalarial vaccination is a priority since malaria is the greatest threat to tourists who visit Kenya. Kenyan parks and reserves are save. You do not have to worry about your security.

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