Samburu/Shamba National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve is part of three small adjoining savannah national reserves that lie on either side of the Northern Ewaso Ngiro River, 340km North East of Nairobi, (Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba - in all about 300sq km).
These three parks are probably the least visited of Kenya’s game parks, so you are more likely to have close animal encounters.

The vegetation is made up of palms, woodland along the river and acacia woodland and dusty scrubland. Because of the great vegetation along the river you can expect to see; Lions, cheetah, Leopard, elephant, buffalo, Grevys zebra, giraffe, long-necked gerenuk, Oryx and crocodile. Bird life is also abundant here with Different species of eagles, Pygmy falcons, sand grouse and large flocks of guinea fowl.<br /> The day time temperatures regularly reach 40oc from January till October even if it rains. Another great thing with these three parks is you can use one ticket to visit all three parks, but it must be in the same 24hr period. E.g. 6am -6am the next day.

Buffalo springs national reserve is south of the Ewaso Ngiro river and is linked to Samburu by a bridge built in 1964. As with Samburu you can expect to see up close Elephant, Buffalo, Grevys Zebra &amp; Common Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Oryx &amp; crocodile.

The fact that there are both types of zebra is unexplained, as they don’t have them on the Northern side of the river. It is reported that in the Second World War an Italian bomber mistook Buffalo for humans and blew a crater that now is reportedly safe to swim in.

Shaba is the most physically beautiful of the three small national reserves that lies on the Northern Ewaso Ngiro River. Shaba lies 9 km east of buffalo springs national reserve, which is separated by the main road from isiolo to marsabit. This beautiful savana landscape is dominated by shaba hill, at the base is a rugged area with steep ravines natural springs and doum palms. The open savana consists of a low lying, semi arid plains and areas of huge lava rocks with scattered grasses and shrubs, dotted with springs and swamps. The sandy soils here are volcanic.

Here you can expect to see Elephants, Buffalo, Grevys Zebra’s, Somali Ostriches, Beisa Oryxes and the elegant Giraffe-necked Gerenuks. Scorpions are also common so wear closed shoes, and if camping beware, they like dark areas like tents so keep it zipped up when not in use.<br /> The climate is generally hot and dry in these three parks and only Rains about 25-30cm per year.

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